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In 1930, an improved model with interchangeable lens was introduced, followed a year later by the fully developed Leica II with standardized film to lens flange distance, and in 1932 the basic Leica Standard; the Leica concept was established. This camera's features are the basis for defining a Leica copy. 04/04/2012 · a "leica copy" -- if it can take these LTM lenses. see the "canon camera museum" online for the whole line up. the later models especially are great, but not so cheap any more. A Canon P, L, VT, VIT, or 7 may be the best Leica screw mount cameras ever made from a user perspective. The Canon LTM lenses are also amazing, even 40 years later. MISCELLANEOUS Leica Copies CAMERAS and LENSES Detrola 400 13552, made in Detroit USA, Wollensak Velostigmat 50 / 3.5, non-coated, case, Ex- $525. Kardon Military 764, Signal Corps U.S. Army, Kodak Ektar 47 / 2 RC522, case, CLA'd, Ex $1495. Thus our excursion into the world of Leica copies ends. I am sure there are other examples out there, but, as I said at the beginning, this wasn’t meant as a complete account of all the Leica copies ever made. However, I hope that I succeeded in giving a broad overlook of this intriguing segment of the history of the Leica.

07/02/2016 · Leica also has the dial to remind you the ASA and color/B&W red or black film loaded. I would think it would be harder to pull the film off the spool with the Leica winder, when with the winding lever on Canon rangefinders and many later cameras. Leica Inspired Canon Knob wind Rangefinders. Starting in 1933 and ending in 1968, Canon made a long series of interchangeable lens rangefinders. They all fell under the general term of "Leica Copy" since they all but the earliest ones used the Leica Screw Mount. “Leica Guide” from Focal Press c1942 1st Edition SIGNED ON THE INSIDE BY THE AUTHOR WALTER D EMANUEL Appears to be the original signature, but has not been authenticated.

Cameras All orders within Austria we will ship without costs. For all orders over 500 EUR we offer free delivery worldwide including full insurance and packing. Kristall 53 camera is a well made Leica copy made in Italy in 1953 by Chinaglia, with Leica interchangeable lenses thread mount 39x1. Rangefinder coupled, with a very rare built-in multi-finder for lenses from 28mm to 105mm. Curtain shutter, speeds from 1 sec. to 1/1000., a rarity by itself, because this camera is usually found with the 50mm f. 02/03/2011 · Leica IIs, and even IIIs are not really very expensive, even through KEH, which asks higher-than-normal prices for their stuff. I would save up and get a $200 Leica or Canon rather than taking a chance on a $50 camera that could be good or bad, and which would have to be shipped back to Ukraine, Russia, etc. if there is a problem.and that is assuming they will even take it back.

Interesting quirks Canon IV series The Canon IV series shutter is horizontal running and is made of coated fabric. It's a very close copy of the Leica III shutter, right down to the second slow-speed dial on the front of the camera. 08/07/2016 · How are Russian "Leica" copies made? Sign in. I have a Zorki Leica copy,. Eventually their Kwanon became the Canon, so the Fed and Canon are the two oldest Leica copies. After the war when Leitz and Zeiss patents were voided, the real explosion of copies started. You have no items in your shopping cart. 35mm & 120 FILM INSTANT CAMERAS & FILM VOIGTLÄNDER. Offered in Catawiki's Leica Copies Auction: Canon IVsb Leica copy with Canon 3,5 / 135mm lens. Japan 1952. Good.

Taking advantage of the know-how for the camera since more than 25years experience. Since we aim to camera shop that will delight everyone while also overlaid the camera research, please look forward. Canon III is a 35mm film Rangefinder camera and manufactured by Canon Camera Company, Inc. Tokyo, Japan. The Canon III is a very close copy of a Leica IIIc. But there are some differences, mainly Canon's combined view/rangefinder which surpasses the Leica, straight body edges, and lots of. : Hensoldt Wetzlar Iso standard with 1:3.5/5cm Adar - Rare Chiyotax Model IIIF camera w. 3,5/50mm Hexar Konishiroku Leica Copy M39 - Nitto Seiki Elega 35 w. The Canon rangefinders of the late 1940s and early 1950s are Leica-compatible screw-mount cameras. Many were brought to the U.S. by servicemen who bought them while visiting Japan during the Korean war. Typically they were mounted with a 50mm Serenar later, Canon lens. Many of them are still.

27/06/2019 · Hi, Well the ex USSR cameras are good copies although a lot of people who confuse politics with engineering don't think so. But, like the Leicas they copied, they are all very old 30's onwards and mechanical things need looking after to work well. 11 Jul 2015 - Explore jgbeavis's board "Leica copy cameras" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Leica, Camera and Rangefinder camera. Canon IIf chrome Leica Copy No.107216Canon 50mm f1.8 all chrome L39 RF coupled mount lens No.88810 & independent chrome front cap Leica & Leica Copy, Screw Bodies. Exc 94%. Very clean body all over, only light use. Very clean barrel with smooth focusing.

22/09/2006 · Leica, of course I had to have word with him. Anyway it was not a Leica it was that wonderful British Leica copy, a Reid with a Taylor Hobson 50mm lens on it. I had seen pictures of them but never had my hands on one, definitly a > very solid and classy camera. Here is the wonderful thing about this fully mechanical. Shanghai 58 - an early Chinese Leica III clone By Karen Nakamura on January 7, 2011 12:38 AM No Comments Leica Mount Cameras: Canon IV Canon P Canon 7 Fed 3 Leica III Leica CL Leica MD Leica M2 Leica M3 Leica M7 Minolta 35 Zorki 4K --SLRs-- Leicaflex SL Leica R3 Leica R6. The last example of Japanese Leica copies was made by another well known manufacturer, Yashica. In 1958 Yashica bought Nicca and the YE is Yashica's first 35mm rangefinder copy of the Leica IIIF but with only a top shutter speed of 1/500th of a second. 28/08/2018 · The prints will be signed by me and I will randomly pick ten lucky winners that will receive the prints together with their copy of the zine. I also got a new lens for my Leica M6 which is from a brand that you normally wouldn't associate with Leica at all. It's an old Canon 50mm f/1.8 that was made back in the 1950s. Hope you enjoy the episode! Canon Copy of the Leica III, arguably superior. Canon Copy of the Leica III, arguably superior. Canon Copy of the Leica III, arguably superior. Visit. Discover ideas about Antique Cameras. Canon Copy of the Leica III, arguably superior. Antique Cameras Vintage Cameras Leica Camera Canon Camera Cannon Big Guns. More information. Similar.

28/10/2018 · The Canon P – or “Populaire”, as the P stands for – is a Leica thread mount rangefinder camera released the late 1950’s. There were a lot of these cameras sold, something like 100,000 if the internet is to be believed. Though as popular as it was in it’s day, it seems to be a little bit. : A.Schacht Ulm Travenar 2.8/90mm R for Leica Screw Mount R Travenar coupled - Steinheil München f.Leica Srew mount Culminar 4.5/135mm - A.Schacht Ulm Trave.

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